» Aannemingsbedrijf



Aertssen has its own unloading quay, unloading cranes ...

Coastal defence works
Excavations for the benefit of beach grossing at the Belgian coast

Construction of flood plains

Infrastructure work

Aertssen has been closely involved in renovation work ...

Dry excavations for the construction of ...

Digging a cable trench for a petrochemical factory.

Construction of bedding for the HST route

Construction of tank bases

This concerns the renovation of ...

Aannemingsbedrijf Aertssen solved by a transfer crane, equipped with vacuum system trains loaded with steel gas pipes.

Environmental projects

Assistentie bij het verwerkingsproces

Cleaning up former railroad site

Clean-up tank storage site


Due to Aertssen's long-standing experience ...

Exploitation of waste dumps, set-up of new dumps, covering existing dumps, cleaning up various sites

Construction of a cover for a rubbish tip

Clean up of a former factory site

Hydraulic engineering

Construction of a closure dike to expand Britannia Dock.


Dredging the Eastern Channel and laying 14 new foundations.

Dredging and cleaning a pond.

By order of the Dutch authorities important work is carried out along the Maas.

Building a new dock


Demolition of warehouses and buildings, renovation ...

Mobility Plan Antwerp: demolition of existing ...

Demolition of old warehouses and buildings, renovation of new sites.

The project included the demolition of former buildings on a site in Zaventem

Road construction

Outbreak, transport and processing ...